How to find the right industrial drone services provider

Drone mapping services can accelerate projects and save a lot of money – but first, you need to pick out the right company. Thousands of brands promoting “drone inspection services” have sprung up over the last few years and they’re not all created equal!

How to find the right industrial drone services provider

Here’s how to choose:

1. Make Sure You’re Getting High Resolution Aerial Imagery

Before you start vetting a company, you can ask for evidence they’re producing truly high resolution aerial imagery. Today’s top drones can clearly photograph a tiny part number on a piece of equipment and generate 3D reality maps accurate to less than an inch. Get samples!

2. Verify Credentials

Commercial drone operators need to be certified with the Federal Aviation Administration and familiar with a wide range of rules. They should also be fully insured – if your vendor flies a drone into a cliff during drone mapping services, the cost should be on them!

3. Find Out About Recent Clients

Not all drone inspection services are right for all industries. Some companies focus on utilities, others on construction, still others on insurance. Evidence of recent, highly visible projects for clients like you is a good sign you’re on the right track with a potential partner.

4. Check Online Reviews and Testimonials

Although online reviews can sometimes be manipulated, they’re a good place to start. If a company has any negative feedback, check to see if they followed up and resolved the issue. Ask the team to provide you with contact info for a recent client who can discuss their work.

5. Visit the Website

A professional-looking website with plenty of useful information on it goes to show a company is really serious about everything that leads to success. An amateurish, one-page site usually means you’re dealing with a drone hobbyist.

6. Discuss Your Situation

A phone interview discussing your project and goals is one of the final steps. Many of the best drone service operators will be able to provide you with detailed written information including a timeline and cost estimate for your project.

7. Ask for Safety and Operational Manuals

Does your drone provider use Job Hazard Assessments? Site specific safety plan? Ask your provider for these things to see if they are the real deal or “weekend warriors”
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Where drone mapping services are heading in 2018

Aerial photogrammetry has come a long way fast thanks to modern drones. More companies are embracing the value of working with aerial mapping companies – especially clients who need to perform regular aerial survey overflights for compliance or maintenance purposes.

Where-drone-mapping-services-are-heading-in -2018


We’re often asked: “What’s coming next in industrial drone service?”

Nobody can predict the future, but here’s the Eye-bot Aerial Solutions take:

More Versatility Through Better Regulations

As with many new technologies, drone capabilities are evolving fast and regulators are hard-pressed to keep up. Aerial photography and drone mapping can become even more efficient and powerful – but their full power can only be unleashed by relaxing restrictions on airspace, line of sight, and other issues. Luckily, as drones become safer, laws can have a lighter touch.

More Widespread Use of Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging allows drones to “see in the dark,” extending aerial photogrammetry into the non-visible spectrum. Thermal imaging has been used for search and rescue, firefighting, and more. As these cameras become smaller and more sophisticated, they can be used to monitor air quality, gas detection, and preventive maintenance needs.

AI-Based Project Management

Drones already have a tremendous amount of processing power under the hood. When collecting aerial photogrammetry data or performing aerial survey, they process and store huge amounts of information. With on-board AI, the day might come when they can practically fly themselves: Easily choosing the most efficient flight path for the job and adapting to the unexpected.

Better Industrial Integration

What would it mean if an industrial drone service was fully integrated with your network, sensors, and equipment? We think it would be pretty cool – and save you a lot of money. As more machinery is woven together in a responsive tapestry of industrial automation, AI-enabled drones will be able to support manufacturing and mining with new data on demand.

No matter what the future of drones holds, Eye-bot Aerial Solutions will be there every step of the way. We are the industrial drone service that strives to bring you the future today.

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3 ways drone mapping services give you faster data on your job site

Drone mapping services facilitate effective project management by getting right to the heart of success – accurate data. Drone inspection services furnish data more quickly than any other solution available today, including legacy solutions most enterprises have used for decades.

Let’s take a look at how a high resolution aerial survey helps your project pick up the pace:

drone mapping services

Refresh Your Data When You Need It

A UAV service can survey an entire job site far faster than a ground-based survey team, fixed-wing craft, or helicopter. These traditionally take 6-8 weeks to complete their work – by that time, your entire situation could change. Drone mapping services can refresh project site data in as little as one day, letting you update the big picture whenever you need to.

Greater Accuracy Means Less Rework

The highly sophisticated imaging equipment on a modern drone sacrifices nothing when it comes to accuracy – it’s just as good as being there in person. What’s more, drone inspection services are simply more efficient in a large or hazardous site: They can be programmed to automatically adapt to the most efficient route and go where other equipment simply can’t.

Industry’s Fastest Data Processing

The patchwork of images from a conventional survey team could take weeks to put into a useful form. High resolution aerial survey not only provides exceptional image quality, but the ability to bring it all together quickly. With simultaneous image capture and processing, you’ll get a visual timeline of your project’s entire history at the click of a mouse.

UAV service helps you avoid the delays and cost overruns that so often derail a complex, high-stakes project. Not only that, but drone mapping services tend to be more cost-effective than any of the alternatives you might name, especially long-term.

At Eye-bot Aerial Solutions, our drone pilots and engineers take on all the costs associated with equipment, licensure, and training. After a brief consultation and setup, we’re ready to integrate seamlessly into your operations and act as your eye in the sky whenever you need us.

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Who uses UAV aerial services?

UAV aerial survey is quickly becoming one of the most powerful tools for large-scale projects. If you have a vast geography to deal with, lots of critical capital assets, and not as much personnel as you’d like, aerial surveyors could be a great adjunct to your team.

UAV aerial services

As a drone surveying company, we’ve seen UAV aerial survey work for all kinds of clients:

Telecommunications & Utilities

Telecom companies love drones as an alternative to dangerous and time-consuming pole climbs. With drones, smaller engineering teams can repair and maintain assets, evaluating which ones need service right away and what hazards might be in store.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Whether managing current assets or breaking ground on new facilities, industrial enterprises are using drones more and more. Drones can perform site inspections for environmental compliance, improve waste management, and make teams on the ground more efficient.


UAV aerial survey makes it easier to launch and monitor construction projects effectively. With the data provided by a drone surveying company, you can update stakeholders in one click with a visual timeline of progress. Plus, your eye in the sky can monitor inventory and help with cut and fill.


It’s not always possible for insurance adjusters to travel safely to a claim site. Fires, storms, and other disasters present hazards and make roads unnavigable. Drones can not only bypass these risks but even gather photographs in and around buildings deemed unsafe to enter.


Drone technology may well be the future of agriculture. Aerial surveyors can be used to get a complete snapshot of crops’ well-being in a single quick flyover. That enhances farmers’ ability to optimize soil output, control pests, and mitigate the effects of rough weather.


Towns and cities across America utilize drone surveying companies for all the matters above. Drones are increasingly finding their place in law enforcement, providing first aid supplies, and responding to disasters when no one else can.

Eye-bot Aerial Solutions provides cutting-edge drone services to your organization without adding overhead or unnecessary costs. Our FAA certified, fully-insured team is here to help you.

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How to maximize landfill topography and airspace usage

Optimizing airspace through efficient use of topography is one of the biggest strategic challenges for both public and private landfill operators. In the history of the modern landfill, airspace has been the revenue engine – unlike compost or scrap, it is a sure thing.

Although that foundation hasn’t changed, business conditions for landfill operators are becoming more difficult. Margins are steadily eroding as fixed costs grow. The price of diesel alone can place tremendous pressure on landfills.

What to do? Landfill managers know the economics of their work and rarely raise prices as a first resort. That leaves cost reduction as the key to continued success: And UAV aerial survey is the newest way to drive those reductions while increasing revenue potential for existing airspace.


UAV Aerial Survey Provides a New Lever for Landfill Enhancement

Drone mapping services have made a major impact on municipal and commercial landfills around the country, and more operators are arranging UAV aerial survey pilot programs daily. At all stages of a landfill’s lifecycle, drone mapping services can help.

For example, drone mapping services can:

Accelerate Data Collection, Accuracy, and “Freshness”

To make effective decisions about airspace usage, data should be collected on a regular basis. Sadly, manned overflights are expensive and most landfills execute them only once or twice a year. Regular UAV overflights are both affordable and effective, so no detail gets missed.

Avoid Liabilities and Compliance Issues

Good fences make good neighbors, and that’s never more true than in the landfill business. With drones, you can proactively monitor environmental impact, avoiding fines and other issues. In particular, this helps avoid fence line disputes with adjoining property owners.

Increase Waste Density

Ultimately, raising waste density is the name of the game. Drone surveying helps you implement the most effective waste density improvement programs. You can add moisture, strengthen compaction, and substantially reduce airspace consumption without expanding your footprint.

At Eye-bot Aerial Solutions, our drone pilots and engineers are always prepared to get down and dirty with the best drone surveying in the waste management industry. To find out more, schedule a consultation today.

Drone mapping services are essential to efficient industrial project management

Drone mapping services are revolutionizing industrial project management by giving PMs a “bird’s-eye view” of their entire project site. That not only provides useful, actionable data, but all the visual context they need to communicate with stakeholders and orchestrate operations.

drone-mapping -services-essential-to-industrial-project-management

From humble beginnings, aerial photogrammetry is fast becoming a solution to some of the most vexing project management challenges. That’s especially true for large, complex projects that span vast geographies – traditionally some of the toughest to bring in on time and under budget.

Drone mapping services can:

Accelerate Project Startup

Aerial photogrammetry provides complete information about your project site from the start so you can avoid unwanted surprises later on. That supports sound, safe construction that passes every test – from breaking ground to final inspection.

Simplify Environmental Compliance

Industrial projects navigate a complex web of environmental safety standards. Drone mapping services are the key to establishing practices aligned with your unique needs. You can monitor environmental impact and demonstrate compliance with ease.

Ensure Safety for Team Members

Safety is essential for industrial projects. You want everyone to do their best and go home at the end of the day safe and sound. Weather, natural disasters, wildlife, and more all contribute to risk. With drone mapping services, those hazards don’t go unseen.

Improve Day-to-Day Operations

Aerial photogrammetry can supply valuable information to teams on the ground. For example, drone overflights can keep track of inventory so resources are less likely to be misplaced or go accounted for. That means less searching and more doing.

Enhance Reporting Accuracy

The best UAV service providers synthesize aerial photogrammetry data into a total picture of your project. That can be reviewed from beginning to end in the form of a visual timeline you can share with any stakeholder at the push of a button.

All industrial projects have challenges, but overcoming them – and even foreseeing them in advance – has never been easier than it is with drone mapping services. All around the United States, construction firms, utilities, and telecoms have already saved billions.

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5 ways drone inspection services are benefitting the telecommunications industry

The U.S. telecom market is expected to grow to $1.3 trillion by 2020. Drone inspection services are playing a key role helping telecom firms get the most from their equipment and staff. From industry titans like Verizon to small local carriers, everyone’s getting in on the act.

5-ways-drone-inspection-services-are-benefitting-the-telecommunications industry

Here are five big ways aerial survey companies are shaping tomorrow’s telecom:

More Proactive Maintenance

Today’s drones come equipped with such powerful cameras, they can even record the individual part numbers of components that need to be replaced.

Better Business Continuity

Natural disasters like storms, fires, and earthquakes can devastate telecom infrastructure while making it impossible for field teams to reach damaged sites. Drones can navigate heavy weather, smoke, and more, providing intelligence teams use to avoid hazards and expedite repairs.

Easier Telecommunications Tower Inspections

Tower climbs are among the most dangerous and time-consuming procedures in telecom. Even experienced technicians are at risk of falling. While no equipment can totally eliminate tower climbs, drone inspections serve as a safe and effective substitute in many situations.

Unprecedented Cost Savings

Not all alternatives to drones are unsafe, but many of them are costly. Over the years, telecom enterprises have experimented with helicopters, airplanes, and even balloons for site inspections and surveys. Drones are not only more cost-effective, but produce more accurate data.

More Effective Coverage for Large Territories

In the fast-moving world of telecom, the geography to be covered often expands much faster than team size. Drones enable easier repair, maintenance, and optimization of capital equipment across thousands of miles. Your teams enjoy higher morale and your business scales better.

Eye-bot Aerial Solutions has worked with telecom brands of all sizes to help them achieve these benefits and more – without adding cost, complexity, or regulatory hassles.
When they want the best industrial drone service, our clients don’t worry about launching an in-house drone fleet. Our experienced drone operators and technicians do the training, maintain the equipment, and handle the flights. You focus on what you do best.

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How survey drones save your business money

You’ve heard about great benefits an survey drone service can bring to your business – but can it really save money, or is it pure cost?

The technology, equipment, and training behind aerial photogrammetry may seem complex, but drone mapping services open opportunities for savings you just can’t secure any other way.


Let’s look at just a few of the ways survey drone services can save money for your enterprise:

1) Accurate Pre-Construction Surveying

A pre-construction survey helps you develop an efficient project plan that avoids hazards and rework. An aerial survey provides a greater volume of more accurate data so you can truly make the most of the project site and its resources.

2) Easier Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance drives cost in a wide range of heavy industries. With drones, you can get the information you need to achieve compliance faster and more easily. That helps control expenses while protecting you from liabilities and delays.

3) Better Inventory Management

Every time a team member has to walk away to search for tools or materials, you lose productivity. Over the course of a long project, that adds up to weeks down the drain. Drones can make inventory management more precise and convenient for everyone using a bird’s eye view.

4) Faster Earthworks

Good cut and fill processes save on labor and accelerate your timeframes. With drones, you get 2D and 3D reality mapping accurate to an inch, so you always get it right the first time.

5) Effective Equipment Maintenance

Utilities like water and power firms love drones – and so do their technicians. Drone mapping services quickly pinpoint service outages while minimizing risk. That means much less climbing power poles.

6) Simpler Reporting and Project Management

Aerial photogrammetry isn’t just one process, but a suite: Drones capture, process, and transmit images instantly. Any project stakeholder can receive a full visual timeline of progress.

With Eye-bot Aerial Solutions, cost is low and ROI is high: We absorb all the cost of equipment, training, FAA certification, and insurance while your business reaps the benefits. To learn more, contact us.

5 industries transformed through aerial surveying technology

Aerial photogrammetry makes it easier to plan and execute projects across a vast geography, so UAV aerial survey technology is being embraced by all kinds of industries.


This is just a brief sample of some enterprises partnering with UAV service providers:


With high-value assets scattered over thousands of miles, utilities are a natural fit for UAV aerial survey. It’s never been easier to see where maintenance is needed and get to the root cause of problems. It’s safer, too: With an eye in the sky, climbing power poles becomes much rarer.

Construction Companies

Construction brands love aerial photogrammetry for all kinds of reasons. Construction projects can get off the ground faster thanks to efficient, accurate site surveys. Plus, reporting is easier than ever due to 3D project timelines that can be sent to anyone with one click.

Telecommunications Firms

Telecoms of all sizes are using UAV service providers to make day-to-day work safer and more efficient. With drones, even smaller teams of technicians can effectively cover and maintain a much larger geographical area – and pinpoint slight misalignments that affect equipment performance.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies often need to judge claims in the wake of serious weather events. It may not be possible for adjusters to examine disaster scenes, but drones can. Precise aerial photogrammetry can be performed safely in and around damaged structures even after a devastating fire or storm.

Municipal Governments

UAV aerial survey is transforming the way first-responders do their work when seconds count. Drones can be used to find people lost in tough terrain like mountains or forests – and even deliver emergency medical supplies if roads are impassable. This use of drones is sure to grow fast.

As one of Pennsylvania’s top UAV service providers, Eye-bot Aerial Solutions is proud to be part of this exciting shift. We are an FAA-certified, fully-insured commercial drone service provider with the experience to meet the demanding needs of the biggest organizations. Our clients get all the advantages of cutting-edge drones with none of the hassle.

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Drones and utilities inspection services – A seamless, integrated partnership

Drone inspection services can save large enterprises millions when it’s time to repair, update, or extend infrastructure. But: Few utilities want to integrate UAV services into their long-term payroll.

For them, it’s contract drone mapping services – like Eye-bot Aerial Solutions – to the rescue.


Here’s why the biggest utilities look to contractors when they need aerial mapping services:

  • They can harness the latest drone technology without investing in equipment or training;
  • They can easily meet unexpected demands for drone inspection services in any project;
  • They can rely on the top professional standards and certification in the drone industry.

The question remains – can outside drone inspection services really provide the seamless service and flexibility you would expect in-house?

Our team incorporates the best in project management so we can adapt to the changing needs of your project, develop the right approach, and execute quickly.

No matter how big your job, we have a proven process:

Requirements Gathering

With our diverse expertise, we’ve likely worked on projects similar to yours for peer enterprises in your industry. We will meet with your project leaders and stakeholders on the ground, then devise the most effective way to reach your objectives.


Every worksite is different. Luckily, our engineers can customize equipment for any environment. At a recent job, our entire team trained to upgrade our flight skills to handle an underground area with limited flight space and visibility. We do whatever it takes.

Aerial Mapping

With aerial mapping overflights, you get comprehensive visual data on your entire project site. Our drones are equipped with top-quality image capture and processing capabilities to furnish fully accurate data to within an inch. Even with miles of terrain to cover, the process usually takes one day.

Ongoing Support

The sky is the limit once you have your data. You can visualize your progress with a project timeline using 3D reality mapping, send the raw data to your team, or update your client at the click of a mouse. We’re always available for further flights as needed.

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