5 impacts of drone surveying on the construction industry

When it comes to construction, the capacity to perform UAV aerial survey operations throughout the project lifecycle is a game-changer. Aerial photogrammetry is transforming how construction firms plan, execute, and learn from their ongoing work.

drone surveying

Let’s consider how drone mapping makes a difference:

1) Fewer Unexpected Surprises

Performing UAV aerial survey on a prospective project site can help you avoid unpleasant issues later. Aerial surveys often uncover risks that could be overlooked until late in construction. Plus, you can hit the ground running, knowing how to maximize efficiency at your site from Day 1.

2) Cheaper Day-to-Day Operations

Pound for pound, drone overflight is the least costly way to gather critical data about your site. Many contractors use drone data to predict maintenance and inventory needs, reducing on-site delays. By leveraging drones in project management, you can often field smaller teams.

3) More Accurate Project Tracking

Through regular UAV aerial survey, you can get complete 2D and 3D mapping data from your project site. This gives you a remarkable way to review projects and prioritize efforts. You even see a complete visual timeline that you can rewind, fast forward, or share with stakeholders.

4) Safer Work Sites

A UAV aerial survey can support your company’s drive toward zero reportable safety incidents. Drones see things humans miss, identifying hazards before they can present a problem to your crew. Plus, it’s easy to get visual documentation for insurance claims.

5) Better Reporting and Compliance

The best UAV service providers ensure all the data you get from drones is truly available at one click of a mouse. Keep clients in the loop – sending them individual images, panoramic views, or the whole visual timeline – and forward survey results to your regulatory experts instantly.

Aerial Photogrammetry is the Future of Construction

Picking the right UAV service providers for construction is essential. Eye-bot Aerial Solutions stands out as one of the few aerial mapping companies that truly understands construction, integrating seamlessly into your business.

We ensure drone technology translates to results – on time and under budget.

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Drone mapping services – The key to reducing costs and increasing data accuracy

As drones become more sophisticated, drone mapping services are replacing the old gold standard, satellite imagery.

Satellites have a unique place in history – who can forget the first time they saw a satellite photo of the beautiful blue Earth? When it comes to high resolution aerial imagery for enterprises, however, they are old news. Today’s drone mapping services can produce even better results faster and cheaper than ever.


For both 2D and 3D mapping, drones have unbeatable advantages:

1) Drone Services Benefits far outweigh Cost

As anyone who has tried it knows, leasing satellite bandwidth for aerial photography is an exhaustive process. One-time projects, or even those lasting “just a few” months, virtually never find affordable rates. After crunching the numbers, even the Pentagon found it too pricey.

Other equipment and professional services can be used, of course – generating images that can be stitched together into a 2D panorama or 3D map with the right software. Only drones provide the capacity to capture and process the data all in one step, however, cutting costs substantially.

2) Drones Are Equal to or More Accurate than Other Options

Wielded by professionals, drones can create 3D reality models and maps accurate to less than an inch. Drone inspection services make it possible to identify mechanical problems quickly, even after weather disasters or other conditions that make a site too hazardous for direct inspection. This makes drones great for construction, insurance, and many other industries.

3) Drones Deploy Faster and Update Intelligence More Easily

Project managers love drone mapping services because they can help track complex processes over time. For example, you can manage inventory, plan cut/fill operations for earthworks, or simply watch the project unfold through a 3D timeline updated at the click of a mouse.

A slight discrepancy in data at the beginning of your project can end up costing months of your time and millions of dollars down the line. Let the drone technology experts at Eye-bot Aerial Solutions help you get the facts from start to finish.

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Drones and FAA regulations – How to find the right aerial services partner

A drone is one of the most valuable tools you can have in planning and managing large projects.

While many people show interest in an “aerial survey drone” online, there’s actually no category of drones called by the name “aerial survey drone” in drone terminology used by professionals. That creates some confusion in getting accurate information.

Any appropriately equipped drone can perform aerial surveys, given the right expertise

Still, it’s vital to remember there are strict federal regulations on aerial photogrammetry and drone mapping services. Compliance is essential to protect your interests.


Understanding the Regulatory Environment When a Drone Performs Aerial Surveys

The Federal Aviation Administration monitors commercial and consumer drones. Many of its rules are essential for safety, but they present challenges in using aerial photogrammetry.

Drone Mapping Services Must Be Performed Within Line of Sight

Although a properly outfitted drone could fly for thousands of miles, the commercial drone pilot is required to be able to see it at all times. First-person cameras aren’t enough, so project logistics must be carefully planned out.

Operation is Permitted Only in Daylight or Twilight Hours

True, some drones have advanced thermal imaging capabilities that let them operate in full darkness. In general, though, commercial operations must take place in daylight.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Must Weigh 55 Pounds or Less

Accurate drone mapping services require a powerful camera rig and excellent image processing. Any equipment adds to a drone’s weight, so configuration must be customized to project needs. Top speed and altitude should are also limited to 100 mph and 400 feet, respectively.

Selecting a Provider for Drone Mapping Services

FAA regulations are complex, but they provide the template to ensure a drone is always operated according to the highest professional standards when performing aerial surveys.

To choose an aerial photogrammetry team, make sure:

  • You’re working with fully-certified, insured drone experts.
  • Your team has done similar projects within your industry.
  • The equipment used is tailored to your exact requirements.

Project success is easy when you work with trusted pros who handle compliance for you. To learn more, contact Eye-bot Aerial Solutions today.

How drone mapping services can keep your project on track

Project management is the science of keeping complex efforts moving forward on time and under budget. Modern projects thrive on data – qualitative and quantitative. But it’s not enough to simply have data, which can be like an impenetrable fog.


To drive big projects to conclusion, you need clear, actionable insights.

Through every project stage, drone mapping services are essential to giving you information you can use. No matter the end goal, drone mapping services enhance your strategy and help you keep projects on track.

Let’s consider just a few things you can do with aerial photogrammetry:

Project Start

  • UAV Aerial Survey: A comprehensive site survey is the vital first step in getting your project off the ground. Pinpoint potential regulatory issues and safety hazards so you can optimize workflow from the very beginning.

Project Underway

  • Project Timeline: Ongoing UAV aerial survey flights provide precise 2D and 3D data for reality mapping. With the touch of a button, you can review project progress over time from the comfort of your office.
  • Cut and Fill Calculations: Clarity on cut and fill is essential for earthworks projects. It’s never been easier to achieve certainty on your calculations. No more going over the figures by hand – a notoriously error-prone process.
  • Inventory Management: Inventory insights can now be communicated at a glance. Your team can spend less time looking for necessary supplies and more time on job at hand. During the average project, that could shave days off your timeline.


Conclusion and Beyond

  • Maintenance and Monitoring: Regular maintenance helps you secure world-class uptime for your assets. Aerial photogrammetry helps you spot maintenance issues before they become crucial, helping you allocate personnel for a quick resolution.
  • Disaster Response: The worst-case scenario: A fire, flood, or other disaster strikes and puts your hard work in peril. Drones can go where your team can’t, even just hours after the disaster. That makes for faster remediation while keeping personnel safe.

Project managers can do their best work when they have the power of drone mapping services on their side. To find out more, contact Eye-bot Aerial Solutions.

A guide to drone services terminology

Wondering about the terminology of drone services? It can seem complex, but it boils down to a few key terms. Use this handy guide to figure it all out.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

The most general term for all drones, including remote-controlled drones and those operated by onboard computer. These days, it’s used less often in favor of “drone” or application-specific terms.

Quadcopter Drone

A quadcopter drone is an unmanned helicopter with four rotors. To optimize balance, they are set at equal distances from one another. Quadcopters are distinctive from the more common drones that resemble a small airplane. Each type of drone excels in different situations.

Aerial Photography

Any drone with the proper equipment can be used for aerial photography. An aerial photography kit usually includes a high-resolution camera and software platform capable of capturing, retaining, and processing the images – in many cases, delivering them instantly to the client.


Drone Mapping Services

Drone mapping services are performed by capturing high-resolution 2D or 3D images of a current or proposed worksite. Aerial mapping can provide complete 3D details accurate to less than an inch. Full 3D reality mapping data is compatible with CAD and GIS applications.


A visual, chronological view of a project site clients access using the 2D and 3D mapping data provided by drones. This allows them to monitor progress and find opportunities for more efficient planning and operations.

Drone Pilot

A drone pilot or drone operator is an expert who has developed advanced skills in maneuvering drones and using their capabilities under tough, real-world conditions. At Eye-bot Aerial Solutions, all of our drone pilots have years of experience.

Drone Engineer

A drone engineer is someone with a background in mechanical sciences, aerospace, or allied fields who knows how to build and optimize drones. Our in-house team allows us to customize aerial hardware for each project at no additional cost to the client.

At Eye-bot Aerial Solutions, our staff combines drone expertise with a passion for finding the best ways to meet our clients’ needs using today’s technology. To find out more, just contact us today.

6 ways the telecommunications industry is using drones

Drone inspection services are making life easier in the telecommunications industry.

From the field technician to the executive board, everyone benefits from the high-quality data you can capture using aerial photogrammetry. Enterprises using an industrial drone service can lower their maintenance costs, accelerate their big projects, and react to changes fast.


6 Ways Drone Inspection Services are Changing Telecom

1) Simpler Downtime Response

There may be thousands of miles of transmission lines in your network, but you can accurately pinpoint problems with drone inspection services. That helps you meet tough service level commitments.

2) Faster Equipment Maintenance

Regular monitoring with an industrial drone service can alert you to the first signs that capital equipment needs servicing. This lets you deploy teams proactively and strive for higher uptime.

3) Easier Site Inspections

Site inspections are key to regulatory compliance and worksite safety. Aerial photogrammetry can reach places your team can’t, letting you simplify and streamline inspection processes.

4) Safer Disaster Response

Under dangerous conditions, drones really shine. By identifying active hazards, they can protect life and property within hours after a disaster, all while helping you get critical systems back online.

5) Accurate Insurance Processing

When damage is unavoidable, quick insurance processing makes things right. Aerial photogrammetry can document problems and send high-res photos right to your office.

6) Quicker Project Planning

Today’s telecom never stands still. Aerial photogrammetry is your eye in the sky – in expert hands, it provides complete 3D reality mapping so new project planning is a snap.

Drone inspection services are making it easier than ever to get world-class performance out of regional and nationwide telecom networks. With data touching on every aspect of your operations, it’s simple to synthesize strategies that optimize and expand your assets.

At Eye-bot Aerial Solutions, we’re excited to be a part of the telecom industry transformation in the Drone Age. Our UAV pilots and engineers deliver the full power of drone technology to your doorstep – professional service with no overhead or hassle.

For more information, contact Eye-bot Aerial Solutions today.

Tired of slow, inaccurate data gathering? We have the answer

Data is the driving force behind more and more of today’s economy – and the importance of that data goes well beyond the office or the boardroom.

Large-scale infrastructure, industrial, and telecom assets achieve efficiency when sound data is collected and used. However, enterprises must find unique new approaches to collect accurate, complete data under challenging conditions out there in the real world.


Historically, the answer has been found in the expertise of the field technician.

Today, many enterprises oversee assets spread over thousands of miles. New methods need to extend the capabilities and coverage area of technician teams while reducing safety risks and controlling costs. The answer to these competing needs is the modern UAV aerial survey.

A UAV Aerial Survey Can Triple Your Team’s Speed and Efficiency

UAV aerial survey services let you square the circle, balancing the need for ever-greater coverage with the desire to maintain an agile, highly-trained team. Aerial photogrammetry can accelerate all your data gathering efforts even under tough conditions.

Drone-based aerial photogrammetry projects let the team at Eye-bot Aerial Solutions deliver a large volume of accurate, high-res 2D images straight to your desk. It all happens in a fraction of the time a manual data-gathering operation would take.

The advantages are unparalleled:

  • Safety risks can be identified, protecting personnel from any hazards on the ground;
  • Accurate, comprehensive visual data can be collected and delivered in days or hours;
  • Deeper visibility into the survey site allows teams to prioritize all their on-site efforts.

Plus, your UAV aerial survey can help the team at Eye-bot compose a complete 3D reality model of your site. Not only can you benefit from accelerated data gathering, but also see that data in a processed form that engineers and other experts can work with immediately.

It’s the best solution for planning, maintaining, and developing your assets.

FAA-Certified, Fully Insured UAV Service Providers Can Help Your Business

Eye-bot Aerial Solutions is a Pennsylvania-based team of drone operators and engineers. We offer the highest level of quality and customer care among UAV service providers. For more information, contact us today.

Disaster Recovery Efforts Made Easy with Drone Technology

In the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, millions of people need help.

As linemen, rescue workers, and insurance agents move into the disaster area, safety is the top priority. Restoring shattered communities and providing people with the help they need means understanding the damage and the active hazards that are still out there.


At Eye-bot Aerial Solutions, we believe that we have a role to play alongside the brave men and women who are going to extraordinary lengths to help others put their lives back together.

Drones have been involved in disaster response and rescue efforts for years – but there has never been anything like the massive deployment that is now underway.

At this tough time when everyone is working together, our team wants municipalities, insurance agencies, telecoms, and others in the relief effort to understand how we can help.

Our teams can perform disaster recovery services:

Utility and Telecom Asset Inspection

Many thousands of linemen from throughout the country are hard at work in Florida. Because of our ability to deliver high-res aerial photography and precise 3D reality mapping, we can help them assess equipment anywhere in the crisis zone. That includes complete, accurate intelligence on transmission lines and utility poles before any climbing is attempted.

Residential Damage Assessment

To accelerate claims processing, insurance adjusters need detailed information on damages. Eye-bot Aerial Solutions can perform fly-over operations to assess structural damage, including roof damage, in areas that are currently unreachable on foot. Precision imagery can be delivered to your office at the touch of a button, so claims never need to be delayed.

Search and Rescue

Even today, there are still those who may need immediate help to get out of a dangerous situation. Eye-bot Aerial Solutions has been proud to see how drone services companies throughout the U.S. are working with law enforcement to make communities in need that much safer.

Our drone engineers and pilots are eager to put their talents to work in disaster recovery. If you know a good way for us to help the cause, please reach out to us right away.

One simple step to increasing utility pole inspection efficiency

Power & Utilities companies rely on the best technology to deliver superior service. As networks get bigger and more complex, even experienced technicians need to be equipped with excellent tools to unlock their full potential.

Drone inspection services are an eye in the sky that can make teams more efficient.


Why Drone Inspection Services Work – Even for Smaller Technician Teams

Climbing utility poles for direct inspection is one of the most important things technicians do.

It can also be dangerous and time-consuming!

A single slip on a utility pole can take a technician out of action for months. Not only does this do serious harm to an important expert in your company, but it can end in all kinds of liability.

Even under the best conditions, climbing a utility pole will always carry some risk.

Drone inspection services can make things easier for everyone:

  • Drones can provide high-res photography of utility poles for early problem detection;
  • Drones can generate accurate 3D reality models with precise geography of all assets;
  • Drones can identify unexpected hazards that any on-site inspection should plan around.

With accurate, real-time data delivered direct to your desk, drone inspection services make any maintenance task or emergency response easier.

That lets you maximize productivity, even in smaller teams.

Drones won’t replace the need to occasionally climb utility poles. When you have to, though, you’ll know you’re armed with the best information available.

Make Commercial Drones Part of Your Service Strategy

Faster problem resolution with fewer dangers is the promise of the drone age.

Eye-bot Aerial Solutions makes it easy to incorporate drones into your business. We are an FAA-certified and fully insured provider of services using commercial drones.

Concerned about aerial photography prices? Don’t be.

Our expert drone engineers and operators deploy drones quickly and safely to meet your needs. Because we handle all equipment and training expenses, we can offer services at a fraction of the cost it would take to start your own drone fleet.

Once you get started, our team is always standing by to help.

For more information on aerial photography prices, contact us today.

Discover high-accuracy 3D modeling for the telecommunications industry

Monitoring and optimizing your assets is essential to superior telecom performance. Meeting service level commitments means having accurate, complete data. Extending your technicians’ reach is crucial.

Aerial imaging services are the key to simplifying workflow and raising productivity.


Drone Aerial Imaging Services Make Your Enterprise More Effective

There’s a reason why the complete view of anything is called the “bird’s eye view.”

Drones give you the ability to quickly survey a large area and uncover factors that need prompt attention. Used right, drones can save companies millions of dollars.

An aerial photogrammetry drone can help with hazard mitigation, business continuity, compliance, and more. They’re especially useful in telecom, where slight variations between towers make a huge difference.

Complete drone aerial imaging services usually include a combination of 2D and 3D imagery.

3d reality Modeling with CAD Integration

3D reality modeling gives you access to the complete geometry of your assets, accurate to about an inch. At a single click, 3D models go direct from our experts to your desk. Full CAD integration means you can take action on antenna realignment faster. Accurate 3d models are the fastest way to start on structural analysis of your towers. Our drones can be quickly dispatched to find the root cause of an issue, even after a disaster. Thermal imaging technology means we can even perform night flights.

3D Modeling Makes Telecom Enterprises Faster and More Competitive

High-res 2D imaging is versatile, but 3D modeling is the true game-changer.

3D modeling is already used in the planning and construction of telecom assets. With drones, it can easily be extended to cover ongoing operations.

You already know a fractional adjustment in your equipment can make a huge difference for end users. At Eye-bot, we use a “timeline” of 3D models so you can recognize relevant changes and prevent service degradation.

Not all drone aerial mapping companies understand the needs of telecom firms. It’s important to work with an FAA-certified, fully insured team where benefits of drone data far outweigh implementation costs.

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